Carbs and Cuba…

So this summer I went to Cuba with @foreveralpha . . .

It was the only holiday of the summer as I wanted to focus on my training and my business.

Nonetheless, it was a great one.

It was a huge complex with everything a guy needs when he’s on holiday: booze, birds and beaches.

You see how it works is I go on trips with my brother and I meet a bunch of people who he works with.

Pretty cool I know (I even get premium seats!).

It was an all inclusive hotel so we could eat and drink whenever we wanted.

We could also get bitten by crabs whenever we wanted too . . . those little bastards were everywhere.

The food choice was so awesome.

But you wanna know what wasn’t so awesome?

The people we were with.

Sometimes I do forget what it’s like to hang around people who aren’t into “the fitness lifestyle” . . .

There was this one lad called Curtis and all he would do is complain.

Apologies to anyone called Curtis or knows a guy called Curtis, lol . . .

“Urghh this pasta is reet horrible” . . . I mean too many carbs is bad but you’re on holiday, this is good shit as far as I was aware. He was from Yorkshire too, which made it 10x worse. His accent pierced my eardrums.

And the rest of them were the same. They complained about the paella, fish and they even complained about the beef . . . and if you follow me on Twitter, you know how much I love beef.

It was hilarious. I was sitting there thinking, “How can you complain with all this food?! You’re spoilt for choice.”

And then I realized that these guys aren’t like you and me. We’re different. We appreciate good food when we see it. We don’t bring salads all the way from the US to Cuba so we can “be good and stick to our Vegan diets” . . . yes, this did happen. She was a bitch too.

I hate it and I love it at the same time. Fat old men staring at your plates like it’s something from outer space whilst they shove muffins in their pie holes.

Ha ha . . .

Ignorance is bliss. At least I was enjoying my copious amounts of beef and eggs.

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