Women’s brains are like a figure of 8

My Dad, just like any man in his 60’s, is starting to go grey.

If you’ve got a solid head of hair and you’re in your 60’s . . . jheeez . . . respect man.

He often gets it dyed and usually he struts out looking good. Not too grey still and not too dark either. Good job Mum . . .

But this weekend shit got outta hand.

You know when women won’t stop talking?

Yeah well that is my Mum 24/7. Her brains like a figure of 8, going round in circles over and over again. God, being a woman must be exhausting . . .

She clearly wasn’t concentrating because I didn’t recognize my Dad when he came downstairs.

His hair may have been jet black, but his eyebrows are blonde . . . ha ha! (sorry Dad)

Not an ideal situation for any man who values his appearance.

I think that all men want to look good, right?

It’s a confidence booster, unless you’re Dan Bilzerian who can dye his hair whatever colour and still get laid 5x times a day . . .

Confidence leads to more sex.

Better productivity.

Better outcomes.

I strongly believe that anything that makes you look better be that dying your hair, a new wardrobe, working out or a great diet is important to invest in if you want to look good, especially as you age like my Dad.

And that’s why I’m recommending the Anti-Ageing Blueprint.

For any man looking to stay looking and feeling young, this is a game changer.

It’s a product I believe in and want to spread the word about.

Try it for yourself.

Once you see the difference it makes, there’ll be no turning back . . . apart from turning back your biological clock 😉

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James Clewlow

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