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So the other day I received this message on Twitter:

“What’s a better driver for new muscle? Volume or Progressive Overload? Trying to decide between 6 day split or 3 day full body…”

This is a great question and his line of thinking is that a 6 day split with push, pull and legs repeated twice will bring you more volume than a 3 day full body split.

There will also be more opportunity for progressive overload with a 6 day split since you are training twice per week.

There are several reason why a 3 day full body split is more optimal for most guys. A 6 day split will allow you to do more volume, but it’s irrelevant for the majority of guys. Here’s why:

1) You don’t need as much volume as you think

Unless you’re an advanced athlete, you don’t need more than 10 sets per muscle per week. This can easily be covered in three workouts per week and, since three all body workouts means you’re training each muscle three times per week, you can EASILY hit this volume.

A lot of guys think they have to do 20 sets + per muscle every week and it’s just not true. This is a one way ticket to over training. Plus, you’ll be sacrificing other areas of your life too.

So more volume doesn’t always equate to new muscle for the majority of guys. If anything it can lead to prolonged muscular fatigue which leads to strength loss. 6 day splits are only relevant for advanced trainees who compete at a high level.

2) More volume actually means less opportunity for progressive overload

Think about it. If you’re doing 20 sets + on chest across two push workouts in a 6 day push, pull, legs split you’re strength will drop significantly over the course of the sets in each workout. You fatigue very quickly when you do anymore than 3 sets and you want to try and maintain your strength across a couple of sets (2 or 3 is fine) so intensity remains high throughout the workout.

With all body workouts your volume is lower within each workout so you’re in and out the gym fast, but you can easily progressively overload without getting too tired because you’re only doing 2-3 sets on each exercise.

Your training frequency per muscle is a lot higher too (three times per week), meaning you have even more opportunity for progressive overload and lifting heavier weights in every workout.

3) More volume means more recovery time is needed

If you’re training six times per week your body needs more time to recover, but you’re not giving it enough time between workouts as you’re only taking one rest day every week. Lack of recovery, like too much volume, will lead to over training real quick.

With all body workouts you get A LOT of recovery time. You get four days to recover between your workouts which leads to not only better muscular recovery, but also central nervous system recovery which is critical for new strength gains.

All body workouts are the solution to your lack of time and energy.

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