The Ultimate Quarantine Workout

This blog post is all you need whilst quarantine continues. In this blog post I assume that you have access to ZERO equipment. Like nothing at all. If you have some form of equipment, then you use it in combination with this blog post. But I’m going to assume the worst here and assume [...]
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How To Stop Binge Eating

What’s up! I’m back to inject another daily dose of positivity into your emotions, thoughts and your life. I’m here to move you psychologically, physiologically and spiritually.    Ok James, chill, I get you’re fired up…what’s the actual topic of this blog [...]
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Your Stretching Routine Matters

New day new blog post. In today’s article I’m going to quickly talk to you about stretching and just generally my perspective on stretching and all the benefits that it brings to your life. So there are many benefits and first we will focus on the different types of stretches that [...]
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