How to deal with cravings

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of people saying they are struggling with cravings: “My biggest problem is late night cravings and giving in…” “Cake.. and Tiramisu…” “Late night binging…” “Try to stick to some sort of diet [...]
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Success with all body workouts

I know a lot of guys on Twitter are skeptical about all body workouts. I get it, you’ve been sold the lie that spending hours in the gym is the key to getting ripped and shredded. This is even more likely when you have a steroid abuser trying to sell you their workout programs that […]
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Fat and carb intake

What’s up guys, So this email is in response to a message I received the other day. It said, “What’s your recommendation of fat % vs carbs?” I thought it would be worth writing an email about this so you gain some valuable knowledge about how to split your macros. The [...]
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