Quarantine Core Workouts

We all want a six pack. We all want washboard abs whilst we’re strolling down the beach with our mojitos, or like we all are doing now, lounging round the house wondering what’s going to happen next. Now isn’t a time for being a couch potato. It’s quite the opposite. Now [...]
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Your Stretching Routine Matters

New day new blog post. In today’s article I’m going to quickly talk to you about stretching and just generally my perspective on stretching and all the benefits that it brings to your life. So there are many benefits and first we will focus on the different types of stretches that [...]
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Your Ultimate Upper Body Workout

Hi people how are we all doing welcome back to another blog post now in this blog post I’m going to quickly talk to you about pull-ups and the great benefits of using a pull up bar. This blog post is inspired by today’s realization where I suddenly realized that I could a lot more [...]
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