Your Stretching Routine Matters

New day new blog post. In today’s article I’m going to quickly talk to you about stretching and just generally my perspective on stretching and all the benefits that it brings to your life. So there are many benefits and first we will focus on the different types of stretches that [...]
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How Often Should You Workout?

Working out should be a part of your lifestyle if you want a better quality of life and how often you workout isn’t a black and white answer. It depends on many factors including the following: how many hours you work, whether you have kids or not, whether you travel or not, whether you [...]
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Should You Take Supplements?

Supplements are a very profitable area of the health and wellness industry. According to this recent article the US alone generated $32 billion dollars in revenue in 2019 – an additional $2 billion dollars compared to the year before. The article states that due to consumers interest in [...]
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You Can Build Muscle Faster

Building muscle faster requires the right strategy. A lot of the time guys go into the gym following any old workout program they found on some dodgy website, work their asses off for a few weeks and realize they can’t keep it up. They can’t recover fast enough between their [...]
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