How to Eat More Food Without Eating Out

Recently I received a question about how to eat more food without eating out at restaurants, ordering takeaways and eating junk food. There a few easy solutions for this and I’ve broken down this blog post into four key parts that will make it a lot easier for you to eat more food without eating out and resorting to junk food. Lets get into it…


1. Eat calorie dense foods


Foods that are calorie dense are foods that contain a lot of calories. That’s essentially what calorie density means. And it’s an important term that you need to remember going forwards as I show you how to get bigger and stronger. Calorie dense foods make it a lot easier for you eat more food, not just because they contain a lot of calories, but also because they aren’t typically very satiating and filling because they contain less nutrients compared to more nutrient dense foods. That’s the key difference between calorie dense and nutrient dense foods. Calorie dense foods provide you with a lot of calories and not many nutrients, whilst nutrient dense foods contain a lot of nutrients (think fruit and vegetables). And it’s these nutrient dense foods that will make you feel fuller and more satiated because they are more nutrient dense and contain a lot of fibre. Calorie dense foods, on the other hand, aren’t very filling. This is great for you as this makes it a lot easier for you to eat more food, in your best efforts to build muscle and gain weight, without feeling full and bloated for prolonged periods of time.


This isn’t me saying eat junk food. Of course not. This is what a follower on Twitter was trying to avoid in the message I received that motivated me to write this blog post. But there are some calorie dense foods that are also high in protein. Junk food has zero quality protein. Below I have listed some calorie dense foods that also contain protein:


+ peanut butter

+ cheeses

+ nuts

+ avocados


These are all great examples of foods that contain a lot of calories whilst also containing some protein. These foods allow you to eat more food and hit your calorie surplus for muscle and weight gain whilst avoiding eating out or resorting to junk food and fast food restaurants. The beauty of these foods is you can eat a lot of them without feeling really bloated and full for hours afterwards. There’s nothing worse than force feeding yourself in your best efforts to try and gain weight. Force feeding only really becomes a problem when guys try to eat more than 300g of carbs per day to try and hit their calorie surplus needs. Rather than trying to consume more calories from carbs it will be a lot easier for you to increase your fat intake and get the remainder of your calories from foods such as those outlined above.


2. Cook every meal with butter, coconut oil, olive oil or avocado oil


Fat contains just over double the number of calories that carbohydrate and protein contains. Fat contains a whopping 9 calories per gram which means that if you struggle to eat more food, it is critical that you start cooking your meals with various types of oils and butter. This will add an extra 200-300 calories per meal that you cook every day without the added bloating or fullness you may experience with trying to get that from carbs or protein.


Now I do have a word of warning. Not all oils are good, especially vegetable oil. It’s highly processed and contains fats that have been artificially produced meaning your body can’t digest them properly meaning they get shuttled to your fat stores instantly. Avoid these like the plague. In fact, these are the fats that are used in restaurants and fast food restaurants so this is even more of a reason to not eat out! The other fats like coconut oil and olive oil are fine. In fact, they are very important for regulation of testosterone your muscle building hormone.


3. Eat a high fat diet


This ties together the first two points. High fat foods are automatically calorie dense which means they are a must in your diet if you’re struggling to know how to eat more food without resorting to eating out in restaurants and fast food places. Unlike carbs and protein, fat isn’t very satiating which means you can consume a lot of calories without feeling a bloated and uncomfortable fullness all the time throughout the day.


4. Do a weekly food shop


This isn’t really diet related, but too often both with clients and mates I’ve lived with in the past I’ve noticed how they never did a weekly food shop. They lived from day to day. This meant that the fridge was always empty (or contained leftover pizza crusts from the night before) and therefore they were much more likely to eat out at a restaurant or get a takeaway. By getting in the routine of doing a weekly food shop you avoid the likelihood of being tempted to go out and eat highly processed junk food to get your calories in. Habits are everything guys, so make a weekly food shop one of your habits that you always stick to religiously.


And that’s how you eat more food. But it’s not how you build muscle and get bigger. That requires more of a personalised approach, which is what you get with my Meal Plans. My Meal Plans include:


+ 7 days worth of meals

+ specific calorie and macro nutrient intakes

+ macro timing for effortless muscle gain

+ exact quantities of each food (in grams)


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