How To Optimize The Human Experience

Hi guys how are you all doing welcome back to another blog post, so in this blog post I’m going to quickly talk to you about the benefits of going for walks ok so I know this is a bit abstract I know it’s a little bit different to the usual type of blog posts that you get from me but the benefit from it over the past few days has been awesome, and I thought that it would be worthwhile sharing with you ok despite the situation that we are in.

So walking is incredible if you combine it with several other things so I like to generally try and get myself into a peak state whenever I’m doing certain tasks so for example when you go for a walk obviously you’re going to be high energy or higher energy compared to usual. I think it’s really good to time it with having a first coffee in the morning and listening to music, listening to inspiring music that gives you another level of energy and I think also ideally doing it when it’s sunny as well makes a massive difference to your overall mood and your energy levels.

We can all experience that sort of vibe I guess and it’s something which really sets you on the straight and narrow for the rest of the day, so I think it’s something which you can all do it’s something I do everyday and given the current circumstances it’s kind of become such a strong part of my daily routine I think it will remain in my routine long term no matter what’s going on, what the weather’s like, what day it is and how I’m feeling because I know I’ll get into the peak state that I need to be in to perform at my best and to experience life in the best way so it’s worth trying out.

Walking is something which can really benefit you if you’re a morning person. Obviously if you like to lie in bed or you like to have a couple of hours more sleep in the morning that’s fair enough. We all have different body clocks, we all have different times in the day when we feel that we are at our peak state of energy and I think it’s something which would definitely still benefit you despite not being a morning person. It’s like me I don’t get the same benefit from having it later on in the day. You just need to keep making sure that you’re optimising that time of the day as much as you can ok if you don’t really do it and you feel like crap in the morning then that’s probably one of the reasons why.

Most people when they first wake up they look at the phone, will go on the iPad or tablet or something they will consume something negative basically and that directly affects your state and your energy and that therefore determines your morning and then therefore the rest of the day. A lot of the time just one negative event first thing in the morning can determine your day so you want to make sure that you don’t have any of that the first thing in the morning so you can get into peak state and maximize positivity. So this is basically my perspective and this is the reason why I go for walks in the morning. I think it’s something which really sets you up in the best way possible for the rest of the day in lots of different ways.

So there is a cardio aspect obviously again that’s really really good for increasing your step count, increasing heart rate, increasing blood flow to the working muscles on recovery days cardio is really really good for all those reasons obviously fat loss and promoting a calorie deficit too. However, I do recommend that you stay in a calorie deficit through diets mainly and then cardio you should see it mentally as just a bonus rather than relying on it solely because I think people when they try to use the excuse of “I’m doing cardio it means I can eat more food”, I think it’s just a dangerous game to play because we always underestimate how much we’ve actually eaten and there’s a lot of hidden calories in different foods and stuff so I think definitely see cardio as a bonus rather than the pillar or the foundation of your fat loss regime.

So that’s pretty much it that’s everything I want to say the context of getting into peak state first thing in the morning or in the afternoon and also in terms of your fat loss and increasing cardio.

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