How To Stop Binge Eating

What’s up! I’m back to inject another daily dose of positivity into your emotions, thoughts and your life. I’m here to move you psychologically, physiologically and spiritually. 


Ok James, chill, I get you’re fired up…what’s the actual topic of this blog post?


Binge eating. That’s right, because I know a lot of you right now are bored out of your mind and that means one thing: the fridge door keeps being opened. And as a result, your fridge door is squeaky af! (Not to forget you’ve gained a few pounds…)


I’m here to change that. You deserve a better quality of life and it all starts with what you feed your body. After all, what you feed your body ultimately determines your muscle mass, total body strength, energy, vitality, the quality of your thoughts, your emotions…you get my point: food is fuel for your entire existence. It matters. And it matters a lot.


So what actually causes binge eating? Well, there’s no clear cause of binge eating. In the world we live in we are VERY quick to label problems as a disorder when it really isn’t. All it requires is a couple of simple lifestyle adjustments. Look, I studied psychology at university, and I 120% disagree with the amount of disorders there really are. Labelling won’t solve your problems. In fact, it makes them worse because the human brain uses categories to make sense of the complex world we live in. Therefore, the more categories you create the more information you attach to that category because you have to justify why the category exists in the first place.


You don’t have a disorder. You just have a few bad habits…and you’re greedy. You also have no life goals either, which doesn’t help when it comes to boredom which I’ll discuss shortly. 


Bad habit number 1: you don’t drink enough water


This one is huge guys. Most people in society don’t drink anywhere near enough water. Like no way near. A glass at breakfast, lunch and dinner isn’t enough. You need litres of water, not glasses. As a bare minimum, you need three litres of water per day. On training days it may be higher than this by a litre or more. The more water you drink the less likely you are to feel like eating. You won’t feel like eating a cookie at 9pm, or eating your favourite cereal before you go to bed. You’ll be satiated (full) and you’ll have zero cravings for processed junk food.


Bad habit number 2: you don’t get enough sleep.


Sleep! And sleep some more! Productivity does not equate to success in any field of life. Sleep regulates your hunger hormone ghrelin and if you’ve had a poor night’s sleep you will think you’re hungry when you’re not. A lack of sleep messes with your head and you don’t want to make your fat loss harder for yourself than it already might be.


Bad habit number 3: you don’t eat enough protein.


Protein brings the gains of course. We all know that. But it also brings with it a ton of fat loss indirectly. The more protein you eat the more satiated (full) you will feel throughout the day and if you have the majority of your protein in the evening, then you will be nice and full (probably a bit bloated, which isn’t a bad thing if it’s protein and veggies!) in the evening and you won’t feel like moving off the sofa to open the fridge at all!


Bad habit number 4: you don’t have a seriously motivating life goal.


Guys this one is huge. If you aren’t busy and you aren’t fired up about something, then you need to change what you’re doing each day. I’m being deadly serious. Nobody should live a life that they aren’t happy with. I want you to wake up fired up ready to run through a brick wall every day. I want you to be phenomenal! If you’re finding yourself bored at the moment, then you need to fix things. 


I’m not saying you have to be a workaholic. Not at all. But you do need to have one goal, just one, that lights you up every day. Improving your body should be one of your biggest (if not your biggest) priorities. But you could get more specific than that. You could focus on improving your bench press, getting a bigger back or building big biceps. Whatever it is, you need a motivating life goal. Something that has your attention for the majority of the day. Something that diverts your attention away from the fridge.


Because let’s be honest…that’s all you’re thinking about right now.


Bad habit number 4: you don’t eat infrequent, big portion sizes.


You’re always snacking like a mouse. Chewing away on crackers, cornflakes and other crap. Blimey, that’s caption-worthy for IG and Twitter… 😉


It’s true though and it needs fixing. Stop snacking. You’re not getting ready for hibernation. You’re a human being who’s got access to food on demand…which is your biggest downfall ironically. Eat large meals 2 or 3 times per day at fixed times, meaning, the same times every day. Get into an eating routine so your body and your metabolism is re-trained and re-wired for optimum performance and fat loss. You don’t want to be fat like the rest of the population, do you?


Once you have fixed all 4 of these points, that’s when you’ll REALLY start to notice how much better your body is.


Thank me later. 


Jimmy C

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