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“James’ advice on how to grow my arms has made a huge difference to my progress in just a few weeks. By making it clear how to perform arm exercises properly and use the correct progression schemes, my arms have grown an inch in just two months.”



– Douglas Cable on Instagram

Douglas now wears medium t-shirts instead of small


Who Should Purchase The Arms Accelerator to Accelerate Your Arm Size?


If you want to use the training secrets and tactics that have exploded arm size in many followers on social media, The Arms Accelerator is for you.


“James, man you’re a legend and thanks for the transformation. The compliments I get from friends and family is gratifying. I feel stronger, sexier and more confident. My arms have gone an amazing 2 inches in just 8 weeks which is absolutely insane. The best part of this program is the techniques used to explode arm growth and the pump I get during these workouts is next level; something I have never experienced before. I feel like a beast! Can’t wait to see what the next 4 months have in store. All my bests, Louis.”



– Louis Sanders @louissanders on Instagram

Louis has just reached 15 inch biceps


You Don’t Have A Clue How To Grow Your Arms, Do You?


Listen, if you’re like most guys reading this then you’re probably in the gym each week. You have the potential to build huge arms, fill your t-shirts, look better than all your friends and get hot chicks looking you up and down. But you have no idea how to get bigger biceps. You’re literally standing there, looking sad and depressed in the mirror, when you could be learning how to get results. Results like AT LEAST 15 inch biceps, having to buy medium sized t-shirts instead of small ones and gaining confidence and assertiveness around those hot chicks you know.


But nah, you’re sitting there still struggling how to build bigger arms. Hell, if you’re in the gym a few times per week, you might as well learn how to get bigger arms- right? Otherwise, you’re leaving a ridiculous amount of potential on the table, in terms of your physical APPEARANCE and CONFIDENCE. First impressions are made in a split second, and you’re at a HUGE disadvantage compared to other guys. Well guess what? We’ve all been there.


And fortunately for you, ACCELERATING your arms is a simple fix because as long as you follow The Arms Accelerator you can have arms as big as mine.





For most people it takes a few tweaks and then they’re gaining arm size and their finally filling out their t-shirts.


“My experience with The Arms Accelerator and James as a coach has been really exceptional. He was always there with me every step of the way and broke down step-by-step in The Arms Accelerator Training Guide and The Arms Accelerator Program Overview exactly how to make progress every week for the entire six month program. The workouts never get boring and each workout is different to the next with new exercises, techniques and reps being used in every week of training. He pushed me and kept me motivated when I didn’t feel like training. Overall, James was there with me every step of the way and is a great coach and mentor for anyone trying to improve their arms and their overall appearance.”


– Douglas Cables

Now has 17 inch biceps



Here’s Every Single Thing You Get Inside The Arms Accelerator:


1) Arms Accelerator Training Program Overview (Read this FIRST) ($197 Value)

  • A 22 page e-book explaining how to make progress with this program, with a complete breakdown of the training system I have been using for 7 year to grow my arms to 17 inches.


2) Arms Accelerator Training Program ($197 value)

  • 66 arm workouts with the best bicep and tricep exercises.
  • Clear progression schemes, detailing sets and reps every week.
  • 3 secret arm growth strategies that will explode your arm growth.
  • A six month workout tracker to track your arm strength over time.
  • Examples of how The Arms Accelerator will fit into a full body split, upper/lower split and push/pull/legs split.
  • Warm up routines for full body, upper/lower and push/pull/legs workouts splits so you minimize injury and maximize arm strength.
  • Arm measurement protocol, so you know how to measure your arms properly every month and track your arm growth.



But That Isn’t All I’m Giving You. Check Out These FREE Bonuses…


1) Arms Accelerator Training Guide ($97 value)

A 10 page e-book that covers the following:

Section 1

The ONE problem that all people face when they try to build bigger arms
The best strategy for non-stop arm growth in 2020
How to never plateau again
The 2 strategies for maximum arm growth
How both strategies get you 15 inch arms
The 3 problems guys face when usig progressive overload
How to use the 2 strategies for fast results
How to increase your weights over time

Section 2

The best training frequency for your arms
The 2 reasons why you should train your arms this often

Section 3

The problem ALL guys face with the lower rep ranges
How to use the 5-8 rep range for arm gains
The ONE technique you must use in the 5-8 rep range
How heavy your weights should be in the lower rep range
How the one technique works

Section 4

The 12 best arm exercises you should be doing
Why these arm exercises are so good

Section 5

How to maximize bicep bulge and peak
The ONE most important of your technique on arm exercises
Why this one thing is most important for maximizing your bicep peak

Section 6

How to get defined arms with body weight exercises
The body weight exercises I used to get bigger arms


2) Arms Accelerator Exercise Technique Video Course ($297 Value)

  • You will learn EXACTLY how to perform every bicep and tricep exercise in The Arms Accelerator Training Program. Your technique will make or break your arm growth and you must treat this like a bible!
  • 15 bicep and tricep exercise videos of me performing every exercise in The Arm Accelerator Training Program.
  • 15 video commentaries, so you can learn from my sexy, sexy voice 😉


3) The Lean Bulking System ($97 value)

  • A 29 page e-book that covers everything you need to know about calories, carbs, fats and protein for maximizing muscle gain whilst staying lean with zero fat gain. This is what will keep your abs visible whilst you gain inches on your biceps.


So are you ready to stop sitting around with your twig arms and baggy t-shirts making zero gains in the gym?



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I’ve made your decision 100% risk free because you have a bicep-solid lifetime money back guarantee.


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