“Discover How To Get Ripped And Gain 20lbs On Your Bench Press Fast In 3 Workouts Per Week Without Fat Gain, Burnout And Boring Cardio”


*This program is for guys who have been training for 0-1 year AND guys who have taken time off from the gym*


It’s hard to say no because you’ve already won.


What I’m giving you in The Spartan Program is a content bundle worth over $197 that I’m selling for a small fraction of that price.


If you don’t gain 10lbs on your bench press during the first 3 months of The Spartan Program, then I will give you a full refund and you will get your next months training program designed for FREE.


No one else on Twitter is as big and muscular as me. So… no need to say more, right? Ready to get jacked? Just hit that “Buy now” button!


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Can You Relate to Any of The Following?


Gaining belly fat whilst trying to build muscle…


Struggling to eat more food and force feeding yourself…


Looking skinny and small in the gym mirrors compared to other guys…


If you can relate to any of the above, then you are going to be VERY satisfied with your results from this program.




After reading this you will know exactly how to build rock hard, symmetrical and well proportioned physique.


So, How Does The Spartan Program Work?


The Spartan Program gives you everything you need to build muscle with zero fat gain. That’s right. Muscle and strength gains with zero fat gain. You’ll build a big, strong and muscular physique like Gerard Butler in 300.


This program is for complete beginners and skinny guys who have been training for 0-1 year. It helps you build your muscular foundation because it focuses on the right exercises, progression schemes and foods.  You’ll get bigger in all the key areas, stronger on your lifts and faster recovery between workouts. You’ll have a physique to be proud of. Unlike everyone else, this program is designed for maximum results.


Take a look at Douglas Cable. His arms have exploded in size…


“James’ advice has made a huge difference to my progress in just a few weeks. By making it clear how to perform  exercises properly and use the correct progression schemes, my arms have grown an inch in just two months.”



What’s All The Fuss About? Why is THIS Program So Good?


No plateaus, no stalling and no lagging body parts. The workout split used means that none of this happens because The Spartan Program uses full body workouts. These are far better for muscle size, strength gains and recovery.


Train each body part 3x per week and have 4 recovery days. Spend less time in the gym and more time getting results. The best solution for beginners and the best exercises for size and strength. The weights increase every week and the sets increase every month. In fact, this is the very system I used to hit a 300lb bench press, 400lb squat and 500lb deadlift…


And YOU can do the same if you follow The Spartan Program. You can get results like Louis Sanders…


“Thanks for the transformation.  The compliments I get from friends and family is gratifying. I feel stronger, sexier and more confident.  All my bests,





No other program keeps you progressing like The Spartan Program does because every other program leaves you doing the same sets and reps year round. Very, very boring with little results…


You’re also going to combine The Spartan Program with the first three guides in The Skinny Guy Bookshelf, which means zero fat gain, and it will steer you away from the bro science, keto and intermittent fasting fads that are stopping you from packing on muscle.


This is CRITICAL for skinny guys who want to build size and strength without fat gain. It’s also critical for skinny guys who aren’t eating enough food, or the right foods, in order to bulk up.


Who Am I? My Claim to Fame…


I have thousands of Twitter followers, a huge email list, a rapidly growing YouTube channel and several clients all telling me how I am very good at getting people bigger and stronger. I also have a 150lb overhead press, 300lb bench press, 400lb squat, 500lb deadlift and 17 inch arms at 21 years of age.


Many clients have seen huge results because of the full body workouts in The Spartan Program. Body part splits mean you are training each body part LESS and full body workouts mean you are training each body part MORE.


The more often you train each body part the better your results. It’s that simple and the focus for you also needs to be on the best exercises. The best exercises that make a well proportioned and aesthetic physique:


  • deadlifts
  • bench press
  • squats


With these three exercises at the core of The Spartan Program, your results will be insane. Not to forget the other exercises that will build a well proportioned, balanced physique with ZERO lagging body parts.


So why is The Spartan Program the best program for beginners and guys who have taken time away from training?


It builds a well proportioned, symmetrical and aesthetic physique with zero fat gain and you will transform your physique because it contains the best exercises, set and rep schemes and diet on the planet.


Here’s What You Get:


Included with your purchase of The Spartan Program bundle are the following:


  • The brand new, extraordinarily effective, and science-backed 6 month training program. This program will get you bigger, stronger and powerful WITHOUT fat gain. The 6 month training program is designed with progression schemes specifically for beginners AND guys who’ve taken time off from the gym: the workout split, sets, reps and exercises are all tailored with you in mind (Also, the 6 month training program contains 2 three month cycles designed so that you avoid burnout and over training too, a common pitfall with inexperienced trainees and guys who’ve taken time off from the gym- this means HUGE long term gains with zero injuries).

($197 value)


  • The FREE 29 page e-book, The Lean Bulking System that teaches you how to setup your own calories and macros for muscle and strength gain with ZERO fat gain.

($97 value)


  • The 10 page e-book, The Arms Accelerator Training Guide that teaches you the following…
  • How to minimize arm plateaus and break through them when they happen.
  • The secret to better arm workouts in the lower rep ranges.
  • How often to train your arms for maximum results.
  • The best arm exercises for size, definition and strength.
  • How to maximize bicep bulge and bicep peak.
  • How to get defined arms with body weight exercises.

($47 value)



Now you know what you’re getting, how about the results?


A Transformed Physique


All of the above means the following:


  • A thicker, more powerful chest. Your bench press will sky-rocket and you’ll fill your previously baggy t-shirts with a dense, rock hard chest.


  • Wider, rounder shoulders and bulging arms. Big arms instantly gain you respect from other guys and attention from hot chicks.


  • Stronger and more powerful legs. Hate wearing pants and shorts? Not after the six month training program. You’ll walk with confidence everywhere you go.


  • Wider, cobra back. Your presence will be noticed when you walk with your back straight and upright.


  • Rock hard, six pack abs. You’ll have the best abs on the beach no matter where you are in the world.


This is going to be your reality. And it only takes 3 workouts per week.



That’s because The Spartan Program is the only program that’s optimized to take advantage of a little known, yet highly effective strategy.


It’s called periodisation (a science-backed set, rep and weight progression system), and it’s what makes guys like me (I’ve been training for over 7 years) keep getting results. It never stops. Ever. And if you start periodizing your training from the start, you’ll never plateau or burnout. So it’s critical that you have this strategy at the core of your training program.


THAT’S what makes The Spartan Program different and better than every other program. No other program takes advantage of this lucrative training system.


Experience > Knowledge: Other Guys Haven’t Done This


Let me ask you a question…


Who would you rather take advice from: a 200lb ripped 21 year old who can bench press 300lbs, squat 400lbs, deadlift 500lbs and has 17 inch arms…

or guys who are glued to research and do endurance training?


You are going to mess things up if you follow their advice and will most likely end up weaker, smaller and injuring yourself.


The Spartan Program gradually causes your body to adapt to lifting weights. It eases you into it.


Once you finish The Spartan Program—bigger and stronger whilst staying lean—you’ll then have the experience AND the knowledge from the FREE Skinny Guy Bookshelf to ignore the science boffins who have ZERO experience lifting weights.


You will be bigger, stronger and leaner than all of them without spending your days being a scientist on Twitter.


But the choice of how far you go is completely up to you. If you want to go to the next level you can and you’ll have the experience behind you to do so.



The Strongest Guarantee in the Fitness Industry


As always, you get a bicep-solid, lifetime money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with The Spartan Program bundle, then I will refund every penny right back to you! Win/win.


Warning: This program contains intense weight lifting. It is not for the lazy or faint-hearted.


If you buy this program, make sure you’re ready.


Cool? Cool.


Now that you’re ready, I have a final question to ask you.


Do you think this program is worth the price of a (very cheap) night in town?


Do you think it might just be worth sacrificing one night of drinking/partying to get the Gerard Butler physique – the body of your dreams?


I think it probably is.


If you’re ready to get the Gerard Butler look, click the Buy Now button below and grab The Spartan Program, and the three FREE bonuses, for $37.


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