"New Fitness Program Reveals How To Build Muscle Without Getting Fat"


From the desk of James Clewlow.

Manchester, UK.


Dear Friend,


A lot of guys try to gain muscle with high hopes. They stress out while coming up with a workout plan, trying to choose the best exercises. They obsess over their diet, trying to find the best foods. Then they wait for the day when they will look ripped in the mirror...


And they get nothing.


So they change their workouts and diet. Still nothing.


Then some muscle gain! But they also gain fat and they wonder what's happened.


What a pain!


So they make some more changes.  They get frustrated as they find their diet is too boring. Or their workout routine is too difficult. Or too complicated. What ends up happening?


Their hopes of an easy way to get ripped are finally dashed on the rocks. They wanted a simple method to build rock hard, solid muscle without gaining fat.


I've been there too. I used to have the exact same problems. One day, I got tired of failing...


So several years ago I set out to master a simple repeatable method for getting ripped and getting stronger without fat gain. I experimented with different types of routines, types of exercises, training techniques, foods, and tons of other things.


I ended up building more muscle and strength than ever before in my life. It took me a few years of experimentation but I'm now at the point where I can pack on muscle with my workouts whilst staying lean with my diet. Building muscle whilst staying lean (with six pack abs!) is not unusual.

  To get ripped without fat gain I never need to do boring workouts and never need to do cardio...the workouts are varied and include the best exercises.  

Even better...I can do it with only three workouts per week, without fasting and without cutting carbs. I'm doing it in less time and with less restrictions, unlike other fitness programs.


That's my training and nutrition. But what about my results?


Once I followed this program, I was starting to see muscle gain after just 30 days. My chest, shoulders and back got thicker and wider. My arms and legs were stronger and more powerful. All in three workouts per week with six pack abs. By the way...


If you think you have to spend hours in the gym doing ab exercises...think again. In the last several years I have maintained six pack abs without crunches, sit ups, planks, leg raises, you name it.


A Repeatable, Reliable System


I didn't just want to build some muscle and that's it. I wanted to stay lean. I wanted something that I could follow so I could continue building muscle without gaining fat. I was constantly testing and improving until it brought me maximum results.


After years of testing, it's done! I continue to follow this system to build more muscle without the added fat. And I look awesome because of it. And YOU can do the same.


I have written down exactly how I do it, in step-by-step detail. I have organized all of it in a simple, easy-to-follow system that ANYONE can copy and use.

Here's What You Get:


In The Spartan Program, you will learn...

  Your training...  
  • What the most effective training system is for gaining muscle mass and strength gains on every exercise you can imagine.
  • What to do and not do with your sets, reps and weight in your workout programs so you don't burnout.
  • Exactly how many sets and reps you need, and how to change your reps weekly for rapid progress every WEEK!
  • Exactly the best rep range so you can build more muscle faster than ever before.
  • Exactly how to change your reps monthly for fast results.
  • How to view your workout program across six months so you're never overwhelmed or confused.
  • What to do and what not to do with your sets every month for quick muscle gain without feeling exhausted.
  • Exactly how much weight to add every week to every exercise in your workout program.
  • The ultimate workout routine for getting muscular fast without getting fatigued.
  • Exactly the best exercises and workout equipment for maximum muscle and strength gain.
  Your nutrition...  
  • Exactly where your calories come from in your food and drink.
  • Exactly how many calories are in the foods you eat.
  • Exactly what empty calories are so you know what to avoid so you don't get chubby.
  • What to do and what not to do with a calorie surplus so you don't get fat, bloated and blow up your waistline.
  • Exactly how to set up your lean muscle gain calories so you stay lean year round.
  • The exact calorie surplus you need to build muscle without gaining fat.
  • An entire list of the best protein sources, from highest to lowest in calories, so you can build muscle faster.
  • The best protein sources to eat if you have a small appetite and struggle to eat enough food.
  • Exactly how much protein you should be having every day to stimulate rapid muscle and strength gain.
  • How to keep stimulating the muscle building process over and over again, without even thinking about it!
  • Exactly when to have your protein so you don't struggle to eat enough food for lean muscle gain.
  • What carbs to eat and what carbs not to eat so you don't gain fat.
  • An entire list of the best carb sources, from highest to lowest in calories, so you don't get fat whilst building muscle.
  • Exactly how many carbs you should be eating every day.
  • Exactly when to eat your carbs so you can stay lean, defined and sleep better at night.
  • An entire list of the best fat sources, from highest to lowest in calories, so you can boost the muscle building process.

In Bonus #1, The Compounded Growth Video, you will learn...

  • How to build muscle in thirty minute workouts.
  • The best exercises for building the most amount of muscle as fast as possible.
  • How to train your entire body in thirty minutes or less.
  • The ultimate workout routine for gaining muscle so you aren't wasting your limited time in the gym.
  • What the most effective training system is for gaining muscle mass and strength gains on every exercise you can imagine.

In Bonus #2, The Turbo Technique Videos, you will learn...

  • The best techniques for getting more exercises done in less time, and how to use them properly.
  • How to use specific techniques for maximum strength gain.
  • Exactly how long to rest between each exercise.
    In Bonus #3, The Arms Accelerator, you will learn...
  • How to gain muscle on your arms.
  • How to train your arms for the next six months, with 66 arm workouts.
  • The best arm exercises you can use for maximum arm gains.
  • Exactly how often to train your arms for faster muscle gain.
  • The best techniques for building bigger arms.
    In the SPECIAL Bonus #4, The Chiseled Chest Guide, you will learn...
  • Exactly the best exercises for gaining muscle and strength on your chest.
  • How to build a muscular and strong chest faster than ever before.
  • The best technique for maximizing muscle mass, strength and minimizing injuries.
  • The best rep range for muscle gain on your torso.
  • How to keep making progress with every chest workout so you can build more muscle than you could ever imagine.
  • Exactly how many sets you need to be doing for maximum chest gains, and how to change them over time.
  • What to do and what not to do with your sets over time.
  • How often to train your chest for faster muscle and strength gain.
  And much more!

Absolute Rock-Solid No-Questions-Asked LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee.


When you purchase The Spartan Program and are at all dissatisfied at any time I will refund all of your money, any time, no questions asked. Even better, there is no time limit on this guarantee. None.


And, if you don't gain 10lbs on your bench press, squat and deadlift after the first three months then I will re-design your training program for FREE.


I have no problem offering this kind of guarantee. Why?


The Spartan Program has been selling consistently since summer 2019. Men from all over the world have emailed me their success stories. I know for a fact these techniques work. They'll work for you too.


Because of this amazing guarantee, there is no risk to you ordering this right now.

  I have added a new FREE bonus guide, The Chiseled Chest Guide, to The Spartan Program. This bonus chest training guide will be removed on the 28th February at 12PM GMT.