Protein: The Best Sources, How Much You Need + Timing

In this blog post I’m going to provide a lot of information about protein. Since a lot of you are struggling to eat enough protein or don’t know what to eat to hit your protein intake needs, this blog post will cover both of these. Firstly I will consider what you should be eating to hit your protein intake needs before then moving onto the reasons why skinny guys often struggle to eat enough protein and how to overcome this. Lets get into it…


1. Meat, fish, eggs and supplements


Protein is found in various types of foods and the first thing that probably springs to mind for you is meat, especially chicken since the classic “chicken and rice” meal is thrown around often in the fitness space. Meat is awesome. However, there is one huge caveat with eating a lot of meat and this is the fact that it’s very expensive. You’ll have to cut back on other expenses if you choose to get the majority of your protein from meat because it will break your bank account if you’re not careful. Personally I go for a more moderate approach and get about 50% of my protein from meat, 25% from fish and 25% from supplements. Below I’ve provided a list of the best meats for hitting your protein needs:


+ steak

+ chicken

+ lamb

+ turkey

+ liver

+ pork


Steak is by far the most expensive so if you’re on a tight budget I’d steer clear of that. However, chicken and liver are extremely affordable and taste great (in my opinion). So go for these and you will hit your protein needs with ease on a daily basis. Like steak, fish is expensive too. Below I have outlined a list of the various types of fish I have in my diet:


+ cod

+ salmon

+ tuna

+ sea bass

+ prawns


Everything other than tuna on that list is fairly expensive. So just like with the meats above, if you’re on a budget then stick to tuna. It’s very high in protein and can be used in salads and sandwiches too. Some other inexpensive protein sources include cottage cheese and eggs so do remember to get them in your weekly shopping list. As for supplements, please don’t be fooled into thinking that you need the latest Hi-Tech Advanced Mass Gain Trifecta Formula. It’s a load of rubbish. It’s no different to any other protein supplement. It’s just what I call sleazy marketing. And unfortunately it works for the majority of the population. But you’re different. You’re smart and won’t fall into these death traps. You just need to keep it really simple and focus on the basics. Nothing beats plain old whey or casein protein supplements. Just pick a flavour you like and stick with that. It’s what I’ve been using for 7 plus years and they’ve helped me build a 300lb bench press, 400lb squat and 500lb deadlift at half the price of the latest Hi-Tech Advanced Mass Gain Trifecta.


Now that we’ve covered what you need to be eating to hit your protein needs, lets consider a common problem faced  by skinny guys worldwide: hitting your protein needs.


2. You need 1g protein per lb of body weight


Protein is critical for building muscle, getting stronger and recovering between your workouts. Without it you will see zero results and you’ll be going round in circles like a hamster on a hamster wheel. Your protein intake requirements depend on your body weight. Take me for example. I weigh 200lbs therefore I need 200g of protein per day to build muscle, maintain my current muscle mass and get stronger in the gym. So however much you weigh make sure you eat the same amount of protein in grams. 


3. Hitting Your Protein Needs


The problem most skinny guys run into is they think they need huge amounts of protein. I’ve received messages before from guys asking if 300g of protein is enough. Jheez that is a lot of protein. No dude in the general population needs that much protein and you likely never will unless you become an advanced bodybuilder who somehow reaches a whopping total body weight of 300lbs. This is why guys think they aren’t eating enough protein. Dude, if you weigh 140lbs you only need 140g protein. Seriously.


4. Timing Your Protein


First and foremost, the anabolic window is a myth. There’s no such thing. Protein synthesis remains elevated for up to 48 hours after you workout. This is critical for you to drill into your head because too many guys who are trying to gain weight and build muscle are in a rush after they train, frantically getting their protein fix either by being ripped off at the gym or speeding home. Don’t be this guy. Your overall protein intake for the day is what matters most for building muscle. Likewise your overall calorie intake for the day is what matters most for gaining weight and seeing the scales go up. As you already know protein is very satiating and it leaves you feeling fuller for longer than the other macro nutrients. This means that it isn’t a smart idea to have your protein spaced out throughout the day or having a lot in the morning. This makes consuming more calories extremely hard for the rest of the day. Instead you need to be saving the majority of your protein for the evening when you have already pretty much hit your calorie needs with fats and carbs throughout the day. It makes a lot more sense to be bloated with protein when you’re sleeping and recovering rather than when you’re going about your day to day tasks. This means that you can make sure you are eating the amount of calories your body needs for weight gain and also hitting your protein needs too.


Protein is critical. Now you know what to eat all you need to do is combine this with the right calories and macros. This is all done for you when you purchase a Meal Plan. With these meal plans you get:


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