Quarantine Core Workouts

We all want a six pack. We all want washboard abs whilst we’re strolling down the beach with our mojitos, or like we all are doing now, lounging round the house wondering what’s going to happen next. Now isn’t a time for being a couch potato. It’s quite the opposite. Now is the time to be thoughtful and innovate your life, and one such way to do that in the context of fitness is coming up with core workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home.


People place special equipment and fancy machines on a pedestal. They think they are the holy grail and without them they won’t achieve their goals. Whilst some equipment is very effective and very useful, it isn’t required for a good workout, certainly not a good core workout anyway. You can do a lot with just your body and a bit of coordination…so stay away from the pinot’s before you do this one 😉


Your core is made up of a lot more musculature than you think. It isn’t just your six pack abs that are involved. Gosh, don’t be so vain!! 😉 But no seriously, there’s a lot more involved such as the lumbar area of your spine and your obliques. These areas often get overlooked in the pursuit of the desirable six pack that you see in so many films and tv shows with your favourite actors such as The Rock (nothing against him, I love him on and off the screen) and Zac Efron. With this core workout you are going to train your entire core region. You’re going to train your rectus abdominus (six pack), your obliques and your lumbar region (lower back).


Core Workout Routine – Ab Exercises

Exercise Sets Reps Rest Training Techniques Technique/Form
Crunches 3 As many reps as possible (AMRAP) 1-2 minutes 5 second pauses mid repetition This video here
Arm Rotations 3 As many reps as possible (AMRAP) 1-2 minutes N/A This video here
Russian Twists 3 As many reps as possible (AMRAP) 1-2 minutes N/A This video here
Toe Taps 3 As many reps as possible (AMRAP) 1-2 minutes N/A This video here
Abdominal Rows 3 As many reps as possible (AMRAP) 1-2 minutes 5 second pauses mid repetition This video here
Bicycle Kicks 3 As many reps as possible (AMRAP) 1-2 mins 5 second pauses mid repetition This video here


Core Workout Routine – Lower Back Exercises

Exercise Sets Reps
Glute bridges 3 10
Glute kickbacks 3 10 each leg
Supermans 3 10
Rest Training Techniques Technique/Form
1-2 minutes 5 second pauses mid repetition This video here
1-2 minutes 5 second pauses mid repetition This video here
1-2 minutes 5 second pauses mid repetition This video here

Exercise no.1: Crunches

Crunches are a standard core exercise, focusing primarily on your rectus abdominus (aka, your six pack). Ideally you want to be using a yoga mat, roll mat for camping or lying on a comfy carpet whilst you are doing these. Most people can do a lot of crunches, so go for it with this one and gain some confidence knowing you can start your workout strong at the very beginning with a fairly easy exercise. In case you missed it, here is a video showing you how to do crunches with some additional key points.


Exercise no.2: Arm rotations


You might be wondering what this exercise is, which is why you can find out exactly how to do it on this link here. This exercise is great for your obliques in particular, an area that guys often overlook in favour of focusing on the notorious six pack abs we all strive for. Again you should really be doing this exercise on a comfy surface, using something like a roll mat or yoga mat to protect your elbows. Don’t be a nutcase like me and do it on the concrete floor (as illustrated in the video)!


Exercise no.3: Russian twists


I love this exercise. It feels good. It feels cool. And we all want to feel cool when we’re training…right? Right, so get doing this exercise! It trains your entire abdominal region focusing heavily on your six pack. As long as you keep your feet off the floor at all times and rotate round to your left and right as much as possible every time, you will maximize the benefits that are possible with this exercise. Again, you can watch this video to find out how to Russian twists properly. You don’t need to use a ladder by the way…haha!


Exercise no.4: Toe taps


Another solid exercise for your six pack generally. Just make sure you are keeping your feet off the ground, like with the Russian twists. Ideally you want to have maximum distance between you and your toes, so lean back a bit so you can then reach forward further and therefore make it harder to touch your toes which forces you to contract your abs harder and for longer so you can reach forward more. Here is the video you need for this exercise.


Exercise no.5: Abdominal rows


Classic exercise that really works your lower abs if you stretch out your legs far enough whilst keeping them off the floor. This can made harder by squeezing and holding for 5 seconds mid repetition when your knees are close to your chest. You can watch the video here to learn how to do this exercise.


Exercise no.6: Bicycle Kicks


These burn your lower abs like crazy. You know that bit that is stubborn has hell to lose body fat from? Yeah…that. This exercise blasts this area, but of course, this exercise won’t do anything if you’re not in a calorie deficit. I find this exercise harder than the ones so far that have been mentioned and I can only do so many reps, so get ready for this one when you are getting towards the end of your core workout! Here is your video for this exercise.


Exercise no.7: Glute Bridges


One of the best ass builders on the planet. Seriously, this exercise is awesome and it has to be in your repertoire. It’s also really easy for the majority of the population to do too. Your lower back will feel slightly numb afterwards but that’s okay, you know it’s working effectively if this is the case. You can watch how to do this exercise here.


Exercise no.8: Glute Kickbacks


Another great ass builder. This exercise isolates your glutes one at a time to give you some extra focus on each glute individually. You can take it one step further and lift your arms up straight ahead of you at the same time. However, if your balance is questionable then I would leave this out for now. Again, you can check out how to do this exercise here.


Exercise no.9: Supermans 


This exercise is probably a bit more advanced, but everyone can do it. When I say advanced, I mean you will feel it more. You won’t just feel it in your lower back, you will feel it all over your back…and it’s awesome. Check out how to do superman in this video here.


And there we have it. Your core workout during quarantine. You don’t need any equipment to do this workout, so there’s no excuses for you not getting a rock solid core that is so strong you feel like The Rock. These exercises are great and I’ve been doing them for years, ever since I first started with bodyweight workouts in my bedroom whilst reading Men’s Health Magazines and using ab workout apps.

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