Thanks for the transformation.  The compliments I get from friends and family is gratifying. I feel stronger, sexier and more confident.

Louis Sanders, USA – He was a member of The Membership Program for 7 months

Thanks mate your coaching has really helped me stay consistent with my training. Cheers!

Gabby, Malaysia – He was a member of The Membership Program

I was worried at first because I had such low self-esteem and lack of confidence. James to me is a very cool guy and he’s very patient with me by teaching me to be patience and focus on progress not perfection.

Amahl, Thailand – He was a member of The Membership Program for 3 months

The Spartan Program

Build Muscle Without Getting Fat

Hey mate I’ve gotta say I’m absolutely loving this program! My days are all getting stronger it’s insane. Squats especially have gone up big time. Towards the end of the year I’ve made more progress fitness wise than I did for most of the year. I was always consistent but never pushed myself and I didn’t know how to progress every week. This new program has transformed my outlook on training.

Jack, London, UK – He is a member of The Membership Program

My experience with James was really exceptional, he was always there with me every step of the way. The workouts and meals never got boring and I always felt like I was pushing myself a lot more with James as he was always keeping me motivated. My technique improved a lot too. James is a great coach for anyone trying to improve their physical appearance.

Douglas, USA – Was a member of The Membership Program for 3 months.

I revitalized my fitness activities starting in December. I got stuck in a rut the previous year and lost both enthusiasm and motivation. Then I began working with James towards the end of the year, taking my fitness habits to a new level.

Xeno, Indonesia – He is a member of The Membership Program

The Bare Minimum Program

Build Muscle In Less Time

I am 1 week in to your coaching and I am enjoying it. The training program is simple and clear to follow. My main doubt before starting was whether 3 sessions will be enough and also cracking the importance of my food and nutrition. So far, my doubts have been addressed through your engagement and communication. Your coaching and video calls have given me confidence that this program will help me achieve my goals. Your communication is great and I found our first video call very useful, you explain it all clearly and help so it all makes sense, especially in relation to the linear periodisation system.

Hector, Edinburgh, Scotland – He is following The Spartan Program

With all honesty, I had no doubts with the program! I was looking forward to doing the day splits, ie chest/biceps/legs as opposed to weekly splits ie legs one day, chest the next. I very much enjoyed the first session, and noted every weight and set, and how I felt. I also timed my rests, which I had never done before, rookie perhaps. I can honestly say I felt like I had done a hard training session, in a good way! Looking forward forward to the diet plan coming through and to continuing the spartan plan today and the rest of the year!

James, West Midlands, UK – He is following The Spartan Program and received a personalized meal plan

I worked with James back in the summer just gone, as I wanted to start going to the gym and building muscle. James was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it came to explaining the different techniques and exercises, for efficiently building the most muscle mass in the safest way possible. He helped me navigate the gym and showed me how to use each piece of equipment properly. I now feel confident enough to use all equipment at the gym and now know how to get a proper workout in. James also gave detailed advice via direct message about my diet and how many calories I should be consuming to gain muscle mass whilst minimising fat. If you’re looking for a personal trainer then I would highly recommend James. I mean look at him, he’s an absolute unit, he clearly knows what he’s doing!”

George, 22 years old, The Hut Group, Cheshire, UK – He was a member of The Membership Program for 2 months