The 3 Fat Loss Habits You Need

There is science behind fat loss, of course, and the main theme in people’s questions is usually either calories, carbs, fats or protein. Understanding each of these is the most important part of successful fat loss, don’t get me wrong, but if you don’t have strong habits ingrained into your daily routine then you will find your fat loss much harder and you will get poor results. There are a few habits that you must master if you want to maximize your results and get the body and ultimately the quality of life you’ve always wanted.


Prioritize your sleep. I cannot stress this enough. Sleep is so so important for your fat loss in many ways, one of which is your mindset. Nobody (unless you’re David Goggins) is as disciplined when they have slept badly the night before compared to when they’ve slept well. You feel tired, weak, lethargic and just want to lay around all day and be a sloth. You feel like eating more food too because you think it will give you that “boost” that you need to get through the day only to feel even more tired after eating especially if it’s a lot of carbs. A lack of sleep means more cravings too so your chances of eating junk food and processed rubbish go through the roof. You’re simply not setting yourself up for easy fat loss.


I’m not the type of person who agrees with the socially accepted norm of “eight hours of sleep per day” because we are all unique and very different from one another, living different lifestyles and being different types of people. But I am the type of person who stresses the importance of getting to know yourself, your body clock, being honest with yourself and going to bed and waking up at the right time FOR YOU. If you feel electric after six hours of sleep, awesome. If you feel horrendous after six hours of sleep then maybe you need seven or eight hours. You may even need nine or ten hours especially if you are an athlete or a teenager who is still developing physically and mentally.


It’s all about getting to know yourself and what is best for you so you can feel epic, be happier and achieve the fat loss results you’ve always wanted. Screw what your friends think. Of course, they mean well, but they just don’t know you like you do (or at least you should do so you don’t get easily influenced by them). Do what is right for you.


Ideally, you want to be going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning. Consistency is required for success with any specific goal, in this instance, it’s fat loss, so try and get into a nice consistent sleeping and waking time. Struggling to get to sleep at night? Here are my tips: don’t go on your phone for thirty minutes before bed, get comfy pillows, have no light coming into your room and read a book for half an hour before turning your light off. You want to feel restful and calm before bed if you want to get good quality sleep, and reading a book will do just that.


Secondly, drink at least 3L of water per day. Try and drink 4L if you can. Water is your fat loss enhancement superpower. It promotes the breakdown of fat cells in your body, which is helpful yes given that you are in a calorie deficit, but more importantly it suppresses hunger and boosts your energy levels. A lot of the time we mistake dehydration signals for hunger and we grab some food rather than a glass of water. Next time you’re feeling hungry, drink a glass of water, wait for five minutes, and see how you feel. I can guarantee that you weren’t actually hungry and it was just your body trying to tell you that you needed water, not food. After drinking water you won’t feel hungry for a few hours. This is huge because it means that you are delaying hunger for a few hours until later on in the day which means you can stick to your calorie deficit with ease and delay your calories until the evening before bedtime: the time when people feel the most demotivated and are very likely to eat food. So if you can delay most of your calories until the evening then this makes your life so much easier.


I also mentioned above that water boosts your energy levels. This is simply because you are staying hydrated throughout the day. You are all guilty (myself included) of not drinking enough water and it’s making your fat loss so much harder (and your muscle gain because you’re never as strong in the gym if you’re dehydrated). When you’re dehydrated you feel like you have no energy and then you try to solve this by eating more food only to feel more tired again. Rather than eat more food, drink a liter of water and let me know how you feel. I promise you you will feel so much better and so high energy you won’t be able to contain yourself. This is what feeling revitalized and energized is REALLY like. It’s not a quick high that so many people look for in alcohol and drugs….it’s a permanent solution to lower energy that leaves you feeling amazing. Lack of sleep doesn’t help with staying hydrated either, so both sleep and water tie together here.


Try to drink 1L of water in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. On the days where you’re working out this will quickly shoot up to over 4L…assuming you’re working hard in the gym! Drinking this amount of water is easily doable and it means the following for you: breakdown of fat cells, more energy, and suppressed hunger. The ultimate trio for maximum fat loss.


Lastly, caffeine. You don’t have to drink caffeine like you do water (you need water to survive!), but it still helps and is very beneficial. Similarly to water, caffeine suppresses hunger which means you can delay your calories until later on as I mentioned above. Caffeine is a stimulant too which increases activity in your sympathetic nervous system, meaning, increased heart rate, core body temperature, and focus/alertness. During fat loss, you are in a calorie deficit so you will inevitably begin to feel fatigued at some stage in your fat loss journey. This is where most people give up; the fatigue is too much for them with everything else that they are trying to manage (think work, kids, travel, and social life, etc).


If you introduce caffeine into your daily routine this is when the game changes. This is when you can overcome many of the challenges that people typically face. Due to the fact that caffeine stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, this means you simply have more energy. You’re more attentive, you have better focus and you have that extra push that gets you through the day and through your workouts. Water will do a lot of this for you (and so will the adrenaline from having a seriously motivating life goal), but caffeine will give you that extra edge you need. You can take it in tablet form which many supplement companies like MyProtein offer, however, personally for me nothing beats having a cup of coffee. Don’t forget, you’re drinking a lot of liquids when you have a coffee rather than caffeine tablets, so that will fill you up much more (with zero calories!).


And there you have it. Your three fat loss habits. You need these if you want to make your fat loss effortless.

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