The Problem With The Younger Generation

This blog post is pure fire. Please read it carefully and start designing your dream life.


The ‘younger generation’ is a term that gets thrown around a lot, so much so that I pose to you the following question: what constitutes the younger generation? What exactly is the younger generation? To some it’s millennials. To others it’s 90’s babies. Regardless, one thing is common for both: you’re entitled. And it’s screwing you over. Big time. Whenever my parents offer me anything, like money for petrol, I say no. I don’t want anything for free. Nothing. This is because I know how it will negatively affect my mindset long term. I’ll expect to get an opportunity or I’ll ‘deserve’ something. I don’t deserve anything, and neither do you. It’s a mindset guys. It’s the principle. You must be able to stand on your own two feet in this world, no matter who you are. This is why I hate political debates when they tell people you deserve this and that. I know it’s a sales tactic, but it’s polluting your mind and therefore making you unhappy.


The problem now is everything is accessible to everybody and that’s making you lazy. You’re not hungry when you’re fed. You have the entire world in this small device that you are reading this on. And that can be a good thing (a very, very good thing, which I’ll get onto shortly) and it can be a bad thing. All youngsters have options now and a lot of them. You have the option to build a life based around one idea, one skill or one interest. Anyone who tells you you can’t is still being brainwashed by mainstream media, you know, the thing that wants to invoke fear and anxiety into you so you do what they want, be a good boy or girl and ‘follow the system’. That’s an entirely different conversation, so let’s not get into that…


The world we live in has lost complete perspective in terms of what is really going on. The big corporate giants that you are told to hate by mainstream media (think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube etc) provide you with the biggest opportunity to live the life you really want. And no, I’m not the type who wants money. It doesn’t turn me on like having an enormous impact does. Obviously you need money. I’m not as crazy as Corbyn (British politician for the Americans reading) to think that society should be equal for all. You get what you work for. But I don’t get inspired by money like a pure bred entrepreneur does, which makes sense because I am a coach, not an entrepreneur. 


Regardless, these organisations provide you with the opportunity to do the following: 


  • build a legitimate business
  • get the career you’ve deep down always wanted
  • achieve your mission in life
  • build authentic relationships
  • create a huge charity that impacts humanity globally
  • travel the world 


and live life based on who you really are. Your authentic self. Not a life that is FORCED upon you.


And the problem now, as I spit this fire, is the younger generation are being told ‘no’ by authority figures for various potential reasons. You might be ‘keeping up with the Joneses’, you might think your young ones are a reflection of you and therefore they have to follow the same career as you. Regardless, it’s kicking you in the backside and everyone’s true potential. You old folks reading this are stuck in old ways. You don’t know anything about the new world we live in. Never mind social media, voice and virtual reality will be part of our everyday existence in the next 5-10 years. Instead of watching all the negative garbage on TV and in the news, please start learning about the world that your kids and their grandkids will be living in. Please start doing this. You will open your eyes to the incredible world and sheer amount of opportunity that is out there right now that goes against the norm and the traditional path that every dude and gal has ever taken before. This applies to you too. You can re-ignite your life at any age no matter what your past is like.


I know it seems scary to the old dudes in the back. You didn’t do it yourself. But you need to understand how powerful this is. Just think back to the days when you had to pay for a shitty, small advert in the Yellow Pages. Or, if you were on the receiving end of one of these adverts, you were squinting your eyes trying to read a phone number so you could get your next order in before the time-limited offer was up. Just think about that for a second. You can now do that for FREE. FOR FREE!!! And guess what, most of the planet’s population is on these horrific, evil apps that you demonize every day.


I still can’t actually believe the fact that so many of you, so many of you, believe that social media is the cause of unhappiness. This is the greatest era to ever be alive. The greatest time to ever be a human. You do realize that less than 100 years ago your grandparents went through two world wars and The Great Depression? You do realize that only 100 years ago you had to travel by foot or by horse to see someone. You couldn’t make money through DM’s and build a personal brand, you just worked all day and spent the rest of your time in the home with your family. There were no personal brands, no building relationships with Europeans and Asians, no e-books, no vlogging, no online coaching, no webinars, no podcasts and no blogging. You’d have to get your feather pen and quill paper out for that madness in those days!


Do you actually understand what’s going on? Your phone is now the tv. The social media apps are the tv channels. The content you watch is the tv films, series and episodes. Guys, we haven’t actually quantified how fast technology is moving. And all the youngsters haven’t even started moving yet, let alone moving fast.


Now I get it, it isn’t easy to just suddenly flip a switch and start posting. I completely get that because I used to be the same. I used to have all these insecurities that would limit what I posted. I thought that with social media, you know, your new tv channels, there was a script to follow. That’s what the first 21 years of my life had been like, so surely that’s right? Oh how wrong I was. There is no script. There’s just work. That doesn’t sound sexy, and I don’t care. You need to hear it now rather than later. I could tell you what you want to hear, but that wouldn’t do either of us any good long term when life hits us hard in the face.


Once I got over my insecurities and stopped caring what people thought of me, that’s when life really went to another level (mentally) for me. And it’s why I felt like writing this post. Guys, the following platforms will provide you with the life you want:


  • Facebook
  • Facebook Stories
  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • IGTV
  • Instagram Stories
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Podcast apps
  • Pinterest
  • Ebay
  • Craig’s List
  • Amazon
  • Air BnB


It takes work, I know because I’m deep in the trenches whilst I write this blog post. But if you love what you do so much, you will never ever stop. Please stop demonizing technology. It’s the only way you will not only transform your life, but contribute to the global shift the world needs if we are to continue advancing and developing like we always have done. This blog post is coming from a place of love. Go and get the life you really want.

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