Why Skinny Guys Should Avoid Intermittent Fasting

In today’s blog post I’m going to talk about why guys like you need to be avoiding intermittent fasting. I’ve been receiving a lot of replies on Twitter such as this one, this one, this one AND this one.


Lets put it this way, all of you are struggling to do one of two things: eat enough calories in a narrow eating window and/or hit your protein requirements.This is obviously disastrous for guys like you who are trying to gain weight, build muscle and get stronger in the gym. In today’s blog post I will outline the reasons why you need to be avoiding intermittent fasting and what you should be following instead. Lets get into it…


1. A narrow eating window means less time to hit your calorie surplus


Calories are king. They are what determine your weight gain and your ability to build muscle long term. A lot of skinny guys struggle to eat enough calories in general let alone do this within narrow eating windows in intermittent fasting. Your goal is to build muscle and get bigger and it’s very likely that the majority of you reading this struggle to hit the number of calories you need every day to build muscle and gain weight. If you don’t know how many calories your body needs, read this blog post before carrying on with this one.


By having an eating window where you are severely constraining the time you have to eat, this makes it a lot harder for you to consume the amount of calories your body needs. It’s very likely that you will be left feeling like you are force feeding yourself and experiencing a prolonged fullness and bloating throughout the day. By eliminating the narrow eating window that you currently have you will give yourself more time to consume the number of calories your body needs, more time to hit your macros (most importantly protein) and you’ll feel better throughout the day without all the bloating and fullness you get from cramming your food into such a short time period.


2. Not hitting your calories surplus in an intermittent fasting eating window means less muscle gain


You’re struggling to build muscle and gain weight because you’ve placed a severe restriction on when you can eat. By having an eating window of lets say eight hours between 12pm and 8pm, you are making things so much harder for yourself compared to another person who doesn’t have an eating window. Whilst they are able to spread their meals out throughout the day you’re there stressing about cramming your calories into an eight hour period. The chances of you hitting 3000, 3500 or maybe even 4000 calories is very slim and a narrow intermittent fasting eating window will stop you from doing this.


3. Not hitting your protein needs in an intermittent fasting eating window means less muscle gain


Protein is the most important macro nutrient when it comes to building muscle. The major downside is that it’s very satiating. It leaves you feeling fuller for longer compared to carbs and fats which means you won’t feel hungry for a few hours after eating a large amount of protein in one meal. This means that having an intermittent fasting eating window is the worst thing skinny guys can do who are trying to bulk up and gain weight because you’ll find it really hard to hit 150g (for example) of protein in eight hours. By spreading your protein out over the course of the day you will find it a lot easier to hit your protein requirements so you can build muscle and start seeing the scales going up. Spreading your protein intake out across the day can spike a process called muscle protein synthesis more frequently compared to having it all in one sitting. This process is what causes muscle growth and the more you can spike it with your training and nutrition the better.


4. Not hitting your protein needs means poor recovery between workouts and skipping future workouts


If you’re not hitting your protein needs you’re not recovering anytime soon. It’s that simple. Protein is the building block of muscle and is necessary for growth and repair of muscle tissue that has been broken down during your workouts. By having a narrow intermittent fasting eating window that stops you from having enough protein you are slowing down your rate of recovery after your workouts. This can leave you feeling sore for longer than normal and it will impact on your future workouts later in the week. You may even have to skip a workout which you obviously don’t want to happen. This can then lead to you feeling de-motivated and not adhering to your training program.


So what’s the alternative?


Well, the alternative is my Meal Plans. These meal plans have been specifically designed for skinny guys like you who are struggling to gain weight and build muscle. This system has zero rules unlike Intermittent Fasting. It makes muscle gain effortless for guys like you and it produces serious results. Here’s how it works:


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