Your Bodyweight Workouts Begin Now

Ok so welcome back to another blog post so in this blog post I’m going to talk to you about body weight workouts and just generally my experience so far with these types of workouts. So you may or may not know I’ve never really followed a body weight workout program before never really done body weight workouts apart from when I was about 15 years old in high school before I got a gym membership and before I really started lifting weights with dumbbells, cables and machines.


So yeah it’s really good I think they definitely make you come out of your box so I think with resistance based workouts when you’re using equipment and using certain types of machines I think people can be stuck in a box and stuck in a vortex that lacks creativity and leads to a repetitive mindset and repetitive ways of doing things. Body weight workouts allow for creativity whilst achieving the same outcome so I think with body weight workouts one thing I’ve really noticed is I’ve been forced to be creative and forced to adapt and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of doing that. So I think if those who haven’t seen my Twitter thread look within the thread I’ve referred to lots of exercises and you can see I have lots of videos of me doing certain exercises such as squats, press ups and dips, overhead press, rows all kinds of exercises and in all those exercises I’m using backpacks or rucksacks for the British people reading this so that allowed me then to use resistance such as water bottles, books and I was also able to combine that with pause reps and negatives.


So with body weight workouts obviously do try to add resistance where you can add it and if you can’t certain techniques such as pause reps and negatives will make your body weight workouts much harder. Basically I’ll give you a quick definition. So with pause reps what you’re doing is you’re pausing mid contraction so during the peak contraction you’re pausing for several seconds or however long you want to and then you complete the rep after that so during that the idea is to basically maximise muscular tension, muscular stress and increase blood flow to the working muscles which therefore leads to a greater pump. So that’s how pause reps work and then you’ve also got negatives which kind of work in the same way it’s just that negatives are a way of slowing down the lowering phase or the eccentric contraction where the muscle is lengthening so it’s slowing down the lowering phase 2, 3, 4, 5 seconds however long you want to really that’s just the typical time someone would do them for.


This makes it much harder despite not using resistance because you’re making each rep harder for you to do so that is how negatives and pause reps work and both of these are very very effective when you’re doing a body weight workout without resistance. However, if you can add resistance so you can add weights to a backpack or a rucksack and dumbbells or find resistance bands off Amazon or eBay they will be really beneficial because you won’t have to rely on the pause reps and the negatives in order to get a good workout. But both of those strategies are very effective and you can use them to make some progress with body weight workouts.


Another thing I’ve been thinking about also is I’ve been thinking about this idea that people think body weight workouts are dramatically different to workouts you do in the gym. Now this is not true ok, just think about things like this; you need to be doing the same movements that you do in the gym but with your body weight so you can still do bench press, dips, squats, overhead press and rows and you can still do simulations of them with just your body with just bodyweight movements so try not to focus too much on changing anything drastically. Keep your sets and reps the same, keep the rest period the same and as long as you can simulate the movements that you are doing at the gym that’s all that matters ok, so focus on doing that and you’ll be absolutely fine. Just as long as you’re making your body weight workout hard making them just the same amount of intensity as they are when you’re in the gym.


A lot of the time people automatically think body weight workouts aren’t going to be hard unless you do calisthenics and I think that’s also due in part due to the fact that they are at home. They need to work out in the bedroom or in the comfort of their lounge with their slippers on, it’s not the best environment to do body weight workouts in you have to make sure that you’re in an environment that’s maximizing your effort and intensity. So you need to make sure you’re having good music on, ideally outside so it’s cold so you’re forced to warm up by doing a workout and that would really benefit you.


So that’s it in terms of my perspective on body weight workouts so far I will continue to share my feedback and I will see you in the next one.

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