Your Ultimate Upper Body Workout

Hi people how are we all doing welcome back to another blog post now in this blog post I’m going to quickly talk to you about pull-ups and the great benefits of using a pull up bar. This blog post is inspired by today’s realization where I suddenly realized that I could a lot more with a pull up bar than I initially thought. It’s not just pull ups and chin ups. There’s a lot more to it than that.


So there are many benefits of using an attachable pull up bar such as the ones you can find on Amazon.  These types of pull-up bars can be attached to door frames and door ledges dependent on the type of doors that you have in your house. The beauty of this it allows for different exercises to be done whilst using the pull up bar attachment,  including pull-ups, chin-ups and different press up variations. This is amazing because it means that you can train your entire upper body with just one piece of equipment. Let’s firstly start with pull-ups. One of my favourite back exercises, despite only being able to do about 10 of them! Well, I guess that’s the problem when you weigh 200lbs haha! Your strength to bodyweight ratio isn’t as good.


Pull-ups focus primarily on your back and secondly on your biceps.  Due to the fact that you are using an overhand grip this means that your back is more of the focus than your biceps.  So if you have a lagging back and you want to grow your lats and get a wider back and thicker back then I highly recommend that you focus on pull-ups. However if you have a very muscular back and you’re happy with it then you can focus on your biceps particularly if they are lagging. This is where chin-ups come in. Chin-ups, due to the fact that you have an underhand grip with your palms facing towards you, blast your biceps much more than pull-ups and you’ll get much greater results on your biceps from doing chin-ups rather than pull-ups. Pull-ups still train your biceps effectively but nowhere near as much as chin-ups do.


That’s how you can use a pull-up bar when it’s attached to a door ledge. Now let’s consider ab exercises. Most people think that ab exercises are just millions of variations of crunches. Technically that is true, but you can be more creative than this. A lot more. And the more creative you are, the more enjoyable you will find the exercise. Plus, who doesn’t like going against societal norms?


There is one favourite ab exercise of mine that includes using a pull up bar and that exercise is hanging knee raises. Hanging knee raises work your entire six pack or also known as rectus abdominus. They are the beginner/ intermediate version of this ab exercise.  The advanced version and extremely difficult version, is hanging leg raises.  This version requires extreme core strength and hip strength too. You will find great benefit from hanging knee raises and I highly recommend that you include them in your workouts. All you have to do is dead hang from the pull-up bar like a monkey, and raise your knees as high as possible whilst minimising momentum and swinging throughout the reps.


Next, let’s move onto exercises that you can do with a pull up bar away from the door ledge.  When you have the pull up bar on the floor, there are many different press up variations that you can do.  For example, you can do incline press ups that focus on your shoulders triceps and chest, you can do wide grip press ups that focus mainly on your chest and you can do narrow or close grip press ups that focus mainly on your triceps. To make sure you train your entire upper body evenly, I would do a combination of all three of these exercises during an upper body workout.


Once you have done pull-ups,  chin-ups, close grip press ups, neutral press ups and wide grip press ups,  you will have trained your entire upper body effectively. All you need to include now is two techniques: pause reps and negatives. Both of these I talked about in yesterday’s blog post. These techniques will really help you take your pull-up bar workouts to the next level. The next level of gains. The next level of happiness. The next level of you.


Do not underestimate the power of minimalism.  You can do a lot if you just focus on using one piece of equipment and get creative with that piece of equipment. So many people are stuck in a vortex and this leads to a lack of creativity like I said in yesterday’s blog post. So seriously, make the most of what you have, you can really be more resourceful rather than constantly looking for resources. The world is always looking for more and more resources when they have everything they need right in front of their eyes. It’s just a case of opening them properly and opening them in the right way. Make sure you’re staying resourceful and make sure you’re maximising what you can possibly achieve from what you already have. Thank you I’ll speak to you tomorrow.

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